Friday, April 7, 2017

Room 10 Fitness Challenge

Today Room 10 had a fitness challenged I felt puff out and proud that  I didn’t give up. We had to challenge the other houses in our
Class the nikau  houses was represented by

Anastacia, tangimetua,candice,villiami,lj ,kupid and me
The first activity was running.We ran 3 laps around the courts.our houses complete the run 3min and 10 sec.
The second activity was push ups the the bestpush ups participant was tangimetua and the best female was candice kola.

They we all did sit ups this activity was very challenging.i felt healthy after this activity.

Next we took part in the shuttle run. We had to sprint  to the center of the court and back to our base for this activity it was tiring.

Finally at we gathered at the starting point to the decide on the scores. Then we went back to our classroom to tally the scores.

I felt very healthy and fit after this challenge We will try our best to take our time for the next challenge.    


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