Monday, May 22, 2017

Room 10 Netball lesson

Room 10 Netball lesson

Today we had kiwi sports. it was my first try in kiwi sports and the first thing we did was a warm-up called ship shark shore.

There were three lines. there was one on the right, one in the middle and one on the left. right after that we had to get a partner. my partner was Saia and we had to do chest passes. then we did bounce passes. then next we did overhead passes. next was shoulder passes. then we had a  real Challenge- we had to do all of those 4 passes without the ball touching the ground. it was easy but then I threw the ball too high and it touched the ground so we had to sit down. then the teacher gave me and Saia another chance and i think we were winning. the teacher gave us the power to win! ha ha ha.

Then we had to get into groups. they had 4 in each group and our group was winning, really winning! i had fun.


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