Friday, June 30, 2017

The burning house

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One shiny day  there was a DAD,A Mum,a big brother,  A little  brother and a baby. The dad and the kids went for a bush walk while mum cleans the house. Suddenly it started to storm and  the mum  was worried about the dad and the kids then the mum took a shower.

Then the lighting hitted a tree and the big tree fell down on the house, the house was made out of wood then the house was on fire and mum didn’t even know the house was on fire then dad looked back and he saw smoke.

Then  Dad ran as fast as he can, and the kids too, mum was finished taking her shower and getting dress and she could hear the smoke alarm. She open her door and she saw fire, than smoke came in and she couldn't breathe then the Dad made it to the house and he could see the house on fire.

Then Dad said to the kids “here take my phone and call the the firefighters I’m going to get mum”the Dad bash through the window the chair was black and it almost turn into bits  everything was on fire, then Dad call out where are you, mum was lying on the floor then the hero Dad smash through the door and pick up mum but when he turn around and he could see fire it was around him.

A tree fell down and smash through the roof and the tree made a way out but there was more fire then the firefighters made it to the house and got the hose and started to take out the fire.

After the fire they  moved into a haunted house Dan Dan Dan to be continued.

By Ezekiel:)  

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